CIO of ABBank shared about SMART FORM

In a recent newsletter in Sao Khue Toa Sang of VTC2, we had the opportunity to listen to the sharing of Mr. Tran Viet Thang – Member of the Board of Management and CIO of ABBANK, about the application SMART FORM solution in SMART DIGITAL BANK ecosystem’s Hyperlogy.

With SMART FORM, it will only take 3-5 minutes (excluding waiting time, scanning & approving documents) to make a transaction for typical new customer, including opening an account, card, and registering normal value-added services (SMS / Internet / Mobile banking), compared with 20-40 minutes in the past. This means saving up to 80% of the time, equivalent to 5 times increase in labor productivity. Thanks to that, the transaction time at the counter has just been shortened, increasing the experience as well as improving the level of customer satisfaction for ABBANK. For details of the project, please see here!

Besides, Hyperlogy has also deployed SMART Booking service / Online transaction registration, which is a way to help customers make an appointment before coming to the transaction office via Internet. This service helps ABBANK streamline customers who have pre-booked schedules from customers who have not yet pre-booked in order to quickly and conveniently serve scheduled transactions, thereby increasing customer satisfaction with our services ABBANK. For details of the project, please see here!