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  • South Korea’s $2 Billion Unicorn Toss chooses Hyperlogy’s Smart eKYC for breakthrough growth

    Toss, Korea’s only billion-dollar financial technology “unicorn” and one of the world’s top ten technology “unicorns,” collaborated with Hyperlogy to use Smart eKYC Toss is a South Korea-based mobile financial service platform operated by fintech start-up Viva Republica. Navigating away from the core business in Korea as a peer-to-peer payment service to effectively penetrate the

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  • Online opening bank accounts – A race for market share expanding of Vietnamese banks

    Regarding the permission to open payment accounts without face-to-face meetings, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) believes that this will help the bank to expand the types of customer, and customers can access to banking services such as payment, savings, lending … In the National Comprehensive Financial Strategy approved by the Prime Minister on January

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  • kpi-for-banks
    KPI Management software architecture for banks

    For many years now most banks have applied a part of the KPI system, but in reality, it still have many problems in the implementation process. Let’s Hyperlogy show you the solution to this problem in the following article. Characteristics of the banking industry Large number of employees, many departments / branches, positions, and KPIsThe

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  • Digital Banking Transformation: Technology change business model, increase revenue and improve customer experience

    2020 is a challenging year for the banking sector. COVID-19 and unfavorable factors such as natural disasters and floods have generated significant instability and high volatility in the operations of the entire banking system. However, the banking industry has “turned risks into opportunities” and overcome difficulties thanks to policies promoting digital transformation. In November 2020,

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  • SMART FORM – Technology solution boost upselling in the banking industry

    To increase the density of transactions of a specific customer, one of the most important thing that banks need to pay attention to is to improve the quality of customer service. When customers are more satisfied with the bank, they will transact more often. Hence, outstanding customer service is a must for developing sustainable relationship

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  • Application of Liveness Detection Technology – Active or Passive?

    What is Liveness Detection? Face Biometric is rapidly being adopted by customers and organizations as a convenient way to verify identity. The technology feature works by comparing a user’s facial features to a registered biometric sample for identity verification. Although it can replace traditional security methods such as answering “secret” questions and entering PIN codes,

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