Military Commercial Join Stock Bank (MB) completed the target of “Digital Bank” with SMART FORM

Over the past 23 years of establishment and development, Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) has affirmed its solid position among the top five commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam, which has charter capital of VND17,127 billion, total assets of VND 256 trillion and more than 10,600 employees working at 285 transaction offices. MB has one headquarter in Hanoi, two branches in Laos, Cambodia, a representative office in Russia and seven member companies. MB has been growing stronger than the first steps.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017 of MB, took place in April 2017, Lieutenant General, Dr. Le Huu Duc – MB Chairman stated: “In preparation for the 2017-2021 development period, the Board of Directors has oriented the vision “to become the most convenient bank“. Specifically, the target towards 2021 will be in the Top 5 of Vietnam banking systems in term of business efficiency. To implement these objectives, MB will focus on deploying the strategy under the motto “Innovation, Cooperation, Modernization and Sustainable Development“. They based on 3 pillars “Community Bank, Professional Bank Sector, Digital Bank” and two platforms: “Outstanding Risk Management and Rapid Performance.

Also in that meeting, Vice Chairman of MB, Mr. Luu Trung Thai said: “In 2017, MB has identified the motto of” Breakthrough Growth, Efficiency – Safety“, targeting to the Top 5 of banks in terms of efficiency. In additions, all the member companies have significant contributions to profitability. MB (include the bank and member companies) set business goals with increasing total assets by 10%, charter capital by 6%; mobilization of capital of residents and economics organizations by from 8% to 10%; outstanding loan by 16%, in line with the orientation of the State Bank. The profit before tax will reach VND4,532 billion (of which the own bank will reach VND4,300 billion) and NPLs (nonperforming loans) will be under 1.5%. MB will gradually become a more dynamic bank, serving customers at different classes, especially the young.

The goal, strategy, motto of MB has been very clear. In order to become “Dynamic bank, Community bank, Digital bank”, in the end of May 2017, after the trial period, MB officially launched SMART FORM at all branches and transaction offices nationwide. SMART FORM is a system built and developed by Hyperlogy to help customers sign up for online banking wherever they are at any time.

Smart Form

SMART FORM has helped MB achieve great results. The system has been upgraded that the processes of registration, service change are automated, and then reducing the time spent on the counter by more than 80%. The average subscription time when opening accounts, cards, Internet banking and SMS services of customers at the transaction counters is now shortened to 3-5 minutes (Excluding time of scanning & records approval).

In addition, SMART FORM brings the bank many other benefits such as: Improve the level of customers’ satisfaction; Data centric for quick reporting and better understanding the customers; Improve sales effectiveness for consultants; Flexible integration and expansion of connectivity with new systems.

Besides the traditional trading channels, Smart Form MB also deploys online transactions on the Internet supporting electronic signatures. With online trading, the time to open accounts and related services is reduced to less than 3 minutes.

The SMART FORM also helps consultants work with clients remotely and perform online service registration.

With the advantages of this system, banks can create secure connections to external systems such as Facebook, third-party banking services such as Fintech to respond to the rapidly changing market. Click here to learn more about the benefits and features of SMART FORM.