IT Solutions

The advantage of Hyperlogy is to build system integration and database solutions. In the process of building solutions, we always seek to balance the need for current and future business plans of our customers in the selection of hardware/software to ensure the best response and in line with technological development trend in the future. Constantly improving knowledge is one of the most important principles of Hyperlogy, our workforce is trained regularly to update new technologies, while always devote resources to research and development.

As a partner of many technology companies, we are the independent expert, in-depth understanding of a variety of products and solutions, we put the needs of customers in the most important position, not biased towards the suppliers to ensure a solution accordingly.

Integration Solution

Integration is our strong point, we have ever built many complicated systems for big enterprises, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies and government organization. With comprehensive product knowledge and understanding all layers from network up to application layer, Hyperlogy can design and implement reliable systems to meet customer’s demand.

We have built many systems for our customers, here are some typical solutions we can bring to you:

Network Designed by Hyperlogy
Network diagram for business.

1. TCP/IP Load balancing for both incoming and outgoing directions.
2. Multiplex many connections to virtually one to connect between offices, this help customers have a faster and more reliable connection to serve VoIP, Video Conferencing,…
3. Security solutions: Firewall, Email Security, IDS, IPS, Proxy, Privilege Management, DDOS Mitigation,…
4. Cloud computing & data center solutions.
5. LAN, WAN design and implementation.
6. HA & Cluster Solutions: Web Server, Application Server, Database Server, Email, LDAP.
7. Storage Solutions: NAS, SAN.
8. Backup & DR solutions for Applications and Data Centers.
9. Wan Optimization, Bandwidth Management, Wan Load Balancing.
10. Distributed Storage, Storage for virtualization (CEPH/VMWARE VSAN).
11. Big Data, Distributed Computing (Hadoop, Ceph, Impala, Hive, HBase,…).
12. Machine Learning Solutions, AI (Spark,…).
13. Video Conferencing & UC solutions.
14. High Level Firewall: Web Application Firewall, Database Firewall.
15. Public Key Infrastructure – PKI.
16. …

To differentiate from others, we not only bring better solutions, but also support customers after putting the system into operation with our managed service.

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Database consulting and implementation service

Do you know the difference between a “serviceable” database and a “serve-well” database?

A “serviceable” database usually installed by a technician without deep database knowledge or sufficient experience. Such databases are installed either with default settings, or setting as databases being installed before. These databases are not stable, have tons of error or problem, poor performance, weak security, .. And consequently consume a lot of operational and administrative effort.

Meanwhile, a “serve-well” database is installed by experienced technicians with deep knowledge and the installation is implemented in the way so that its configuration is most suitable and effective to its own requirement. Therefore, the database operates reliably, with better performance, less error and minimizing monitor, administration and error resolution effort during its operation.

Our service helps customers the chooses suitable solution for their databases and be implemented in a professional way and as a result a robust database system.

Packages of our database consulting and implementation service include:

  1. Oracle database installation and configuration (both single type and Real Application Cluster – RAC type)
  2. Disaster recovery solution using Oracle Active Data Guard
  3. Real-time data synchronization using Oracle Golden Gate
  4. Central database management using Oracle Enterprise Cloud Control
  5. Database security hardening

Please click here to download our database leaflet.