At ABBANK, the project titled “Deploying SMART Booking Service” was successfully launched by Hyperlogy

Following the SMART FORM project that was deployed in 2018, on June 10, 2019, Hyperlogy successfully go-live the solution “Online registration”, also known as SMART Booking at An Binh Commercial Join Stock Bank (ABBANK).

One of the objectives that the Board of Directors of ABBANK emphasized when working with the SMART eKYC Project of Hyperlogy was to improve the customer experience through the use of cutting-edge technology. After only two months of receiving the request, the SMART Booking project has been successfully implemented by comprehending the requirements of customers and providing appropriate technical and professional solutions.

SMART Booking – Increasing the ABBANK’s customer experience

SMART Booking is an online reservation system that lets customers make an appointment before going to the bank’s branch. This service helps ABBANK streamline customers who have pre-booked schedules from customers who have not yet booked in order to quickly and conveniently serve scheduled transactions, thereby increasing customer satisfaction with ABBANK’s services.

Through online transaction registration, customers of ABBANK can:
– Deposit money in the bank
– Withdrawal
– Intra/Inter bank transfer
– Interbank cash transfer
– Open money-saving account
– Partial or complete withdrawal of passbook
– Sign up for Autopay service
– Water bill payment

The booking information, which includes the booking code and personal information, will be sent to customers via email and SMS after they schedule over the Internet. The system also sends booking transactions to registered ABBank branch. When the branch receives this notification, such as a money withdrawal, staff members are assigned to contact the appropriate departments (Treasury Department, Payment Center) to collect money at the branch and actively engage customers who have made significant purchases.

Describe the process of booking a withdrawal appointment via “Online registration” on ABBANK’s website

Benefits of SMART Booking

For customers

• Quickly perform transactions at the counter, when arriving at the counter, only sign information instead of manually filling the form compared to traditional flow.
• Priority is given to counter transactions.
• Convenience for choosing type of cash when registering with a withdrawal transaction type.

For the bank

• Serving customers more quickly.
• Fast transaction processing via SMART FORM. Data is pushed from SMART Booking via SMART FORM, tellers and controllers check and print forms for customers to sign.
• For transactions with large amounts of money, banks can prepare in advance to better serve customers.

During go-live phase, with the cooperation from the IT Division, Retail Banking Division and ABBANK Operations Division, Hyperlogy also upgraded the SMART FORM system to process transactions from SMART Booking.

It can be said that, with the implementation time of only 2 months, the success of this project has demonstrated Hyperlogy’s ability to provide technology solutions for the banking sector. In which, SMART Booking is one of the solutions in the comprehensive ecosystem – SMART DIGITAL BANK, built and developed by Hyperlogy for Vietnamese banks with the goal of Digitalizing the Bank – an inevitable trend in the era of 4.0.

To experience this new service of ABBANK, you can access the link:, find the Utilities section online, select Online transaction registration.