About Us

About us

Hyperlogy is a technology company, founded in 2003, we take control and innovate key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Biometrics (Face, Fingerprint, …), Computer Vision, Electronic Design/Embedded Software Programming (IoT), Big Data/Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse/Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, DevOps (Kubernetes – K8S, Ansible), CI/CD,….

From the beginning, our company has put an emphasis on the quality of our staff. Most of our employees can speak at least two languages. Hyperlogy also pays great attention to cooperation with key partners such as Microsoft, NVidia, Renesas, Google, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, NetApp, VMWare,…

We focus on technology development, system integration and managed service. To help our customer in making the most usage of our products, we offer a variety of technical support, custom development. Our professional services team is backed by comprehensive product knowledge and years of consulting experience for many large companies.

Hyperlogy is committed to innovation, reliability, and community. We help make the world run smarter and help people create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices.


“Hyperlogy wish to become a prosperous, agile & innovative company with a lean structure that contributes to the world’s development and brings prosperity to all members.”

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“At Hyperlogy, we work to help businesses and organizations throughout the world realize their full potential and bring them to a higher level through technology innovation. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.”

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Core Values

“Passion for customers, for our partners, and for technology; Openness and respectfulness; Responsibility for our actions that affect the lives of our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and communities; Taking on big challenges and seeing them through; Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.”

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