Revolutionizing Telecommunications: Viettel Telecom and Hyperlogy Kick Off an Advanced Telco Self Service Kiosk System

We are excited to announce the joint initiative between Viettel Telecom and Hyperlogy Corporation, introducing the groundbreaking project to develop an advanced Telco Self Service Kiosk system. Held at Viettel Telecom’s headquarters in Hanoi, this project kick-off session sets the stage for transforming the information telecommunication services experience through self-service kiosks. The Smart Telco Kiosk system, meticulously built and deployed by Hyperlogy for Viettel, is poised to drive significant digital transformation for leading telecommunications enterprises in Vietnam.

The project launch was attended by esteemed representatives from Viettel Telecom, including Mr. Le Manh Tan, Deputy General Director, along with the Sales Department and related professional departments.

Kick-off Viettel - Telco Self Service Kiosk
Hyperlogy deploys Telco Self Service Kiosk for Viettel

Elevating Customer Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Hyperlogy, a reputable technology solution provider, has been entrusted by Viettel Telecom to develop the Telco Self Service Kiosk system. This innovative solution enables Viettel to expand into a new 24/7 vending channel, contributing to increased business revenue while reaching a group of potential young customers who embrace modern technology. The Telco Self Service Kiosk brings convenience, efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

Key Features and Benefits of Telco Self Service Kiosk

Automated Provisioning of Telecommunications Services

Hyperlogy’s Telco Self Service Kiosk provides a fully automated process for SIM provisioning, allowing customers to select the most suitable plan and activate their connections instantly. Moreover, customers can conveniently perform various other telecommunication services, such as topping up their accounts, bill payments, adding personal information, and accessing account details.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With intuitive touchscreen interfaces and interactive displays, self-service kiosks offer a user-friendly experience. The diversification of payment channels, including cashless options such as bank card payments, QR code scanning, internet banking transfers, and e-wallets, enhances customer convenience and satisfaction.

Interface on Viettel's Telco Self Service Kiosk
Interface on Viettel’s Telco Self Service Kiosk

Seamless Integration with Viettel Telecom’s System

The Self Service Kiosk system seamlessly integrates with Viettel Telecom’s existing infrastructure, enabling real-time service activation to ensure uninterrupted service provision for customers registering at the kiosk.

Secure Transactions and Data Protection

At Hyperlogy, we prioritize security and data protection. Our self-service Smart Telco Kiosks feature secure payment options, including cashless transactions, ensuring customer trust and peace of mind. All customer data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Mastery of Software and Hardware Technology

Proudly embodying the “Make in Vietnam” spirit, the Telco Self Service Kiosk represents an impressive and breakthrough telecommunications solution for the industry. Hyperlogy has researched and developed this solution, covering both hardware and software aspects, ensuring seamless integration throughout the entire system. Our full technology autonomy allows us to create software application systems and design and manufacture high-quality device hardware, delivering comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our valued customers.

With our expertise in software development and now expanded capabilities in hardware manufacturing, Hyperlogy remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technology solutions in various industries, including Telecommunications, Finance, Banking, e-Government, Retail, and more. Our successful track record with large-scale projects deployed across the country demonstrates our commitment to driving technological innovation.

Hyperlogy’s deployment of the Telco Self Service Kiosk for Viettel Telecom marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the customer experience within the telecommunications industry. By harnessing Hyperlogy’s expertise in self-service technology and leveraging Viettel Telecom’s market leadership position, we aim to provide enhanced value and exceptional experiences for our customers.

Viettel Telecom Corporation, a subsidiary of Viettel Military Telecommunications Group, is a prominent telecommunications company based in Vietnam. Established in 2007, Viettel Telecom has rapidly grown to become a leading player in the industry. The company offers a comprehensive range of telecommunications services, including mobile telephony, internet, data communication, and digital television.
Viettel Telecom Corporation is recognized as one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies worldwide, ranking among the top 15 in terms of rapid development. It holds an impressive position as the 28th most valuable telecom operator globally, with a brand value of 5.8 billion USD. Viettel Telecom takes the lead in Southeast Asia and secures the 9th spot in the Asian market.