Smart Form – An important “link” to complete the digital banking ecosystem of ABBank Son La

“Update Smart Form system in bank counters has helped ABBank reduce the average transaction time to 5-7 minutes per non-financial transaction.” – Son La province’s government electronic newspaper reported.

Smart Form – Indispensable “link” in the set of solutions for digital banks

Being agile in shifting to the digital environment, An Binh Bank (ABBank) has invested heavily in technology and deployed digital solution Smart Booking System which allows online booking in advance, especially the transaction consolidation system Smart Form with full-service over the counter ( both financial and non-financial transactions).

As expected, the number of people using applications and digital transactions of ABBank has grown significantly. In 2020 alone, Smart Form helped ABBank to add 368,000 new customers across the system. A representative of ABBank shared with the government newspaper of Son La province: “Building a Smart Form system at the counter has helped ABBank speed up transactions with customers. Simultaneously, automating issuance requests, supporting cards as soon as requests are recorded on the system and integrating electronic forms have helped reduce the average transaction time to 5-7 minutes per day with non-financial transactions.”

In 2021, not only the number of corporate and individual customers increased, but ABBank Son La’s business activities also growed, the number of payment accounts increased by 10%; the number of online savings books increased by 5%; transaction volume through AB Ditizen increased by 20%; Profit contributed to the system in 2021 increased by 15% compared to 2020.

With the Smart Form System that unifies all over-the-counter transactions that Hyperlogy has deployed to 165 branches of ABBank, tellers and controllers only need a single platform, Smart Form, to do service for customers. All previous traditional transactional processes are now fully digitized with Smart Form.

Smart Form mắt xích giúp ABBank Sơn La chuyển đổi số 4.0
Smart Form helps ABBank Son La convert to 40

Highlights of SMART FORM

Save up to 80% of transaction time at the counter

Thanks to Smart Form, the opening of the account is withdrawn to 3 minutes, instead of 30-45 minutes as before. All transactions are simplified, helping traders save time to enter data into different systems of the bank, the productivity is also improved. Customers do not have to take time to wait, the procedure quickly increases significantly customer satisfaction experience for the service provided. From there, build trust and loyalty, and stimulate customers to use other expansion service packages.

Centralize data

In the past, customer data and services dispersed on many different systems such as core, SMS banking, Internet Banking, Card, …. Therefore, in order to have detailed customer information and corresponding services, the bank must search for information on many systems. Synthesizing data is a difficult problem to implement. Smart Form system is the optimal solution to ensure customer data and service accurate and focused. Thereby customer information and services would be managed, used and updated effectively. Customer synthesis reports and services are gathered quickly, helping the bank have enough information to make timely decisions.

Smart Form giúp hợp nhất và tập trung dữ liệu
Smart Form helps to consolidate and centralize data

Modernize digital transaction office

With outstanding technology strength, Hyperlogy is one of the leading units in implementing digital solutions for many large banks. Hyperlogy’s Smart Form solution has been deployed to nearly 300 MB Bank’s transaction points, all 165 branches of ABBank, serving more than 530 transaction points at home and abroad, 8300 employees, over 5 million individual customers, businesses, and 400 agent banks across the continent of SHB,… Therefore, the Vietnam Association of Software and Information Technology Services (Vinasa) has awarded Smart Form solution of Hyperlogy the title of Best Solution in the Finance-Banking field of Sao Khue 2020.

Smart Digital Bank developed by Hyperlogy
Smart Digital Bank developed by Hyperlogy

Not simply stop at the goal of supporting the conversion of financial and banking fields, Hyperlogy has developed the Smart Digital Bank ecosystem, expanding for many other fields such as public services, telecommunications, insurance, retail, tourism – hospitality, health, transportation … with Omnichannel solution. See more right HERE.