Smart Vending Machines

The Next-Generation Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machines

Smart Vending Machines (SVM) – A product developed by Hyperlogy, with the mission of becoming a pioneer in the retail revolution.

In order to meet the market demand, SVM is fully mastered by Hyperlogy in both design and technology; from hardware, to embedded software, and software applied with artificial intelligence. Hyperlogy brings to market smart vending machines equipped with germicidal technology, integrated automatic sensors, and cashless payment technology.


With OmniPAY, SVM vending machine integrates new generation of payment methods, including:

  • Integrated POS machine accepts all types of domestic and international bank cards.
  • E-Wallet.
  • Cash.


Shouldering the responsibility is one of the leading units in applying technology to comprehensively protect businesses and the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Smart Vending Machine – SVM is focused on building AntiVirus feature (disinfection feature), we call it AntiCovid Shield, including components:

  • The ozone generator prevents the growth and kills bacteria suspended in the air inside the cargo hold.
  • Using UVC rays to sterilize touch points (such as buttons, swipe cards, …) kill 99.99% of bacteria. Proximity sensor automatically cuts off UVC rays when detecting someone approaching to protect users.


SVM dẫn đầu xu hướng máy bán hàng của tương lai

Not only selling dry products, bottled beverages,…. With the capacity to master technology, SVM can support more products than what required by the market, creating a smart vending ecosystem:

  • Fresh food such as meat, fish, shrimp, clean vegetables,…
  • Telecommunications products such as: phone sim, phone card,…
  • Banking and financial services,…
  • … and many other solutions for retail.


Building a new generation vending machine product, not only applying technology to meet market needs but also building products with high-class and luxurious design:

  • SVM Manager – Support management with instant visual reports.
  • SVM Active Pro – Help with real-time monitoring on mobile.
  • Smart UPS – Smart embedded UPS with anti-shock design, helps machines operate stably and safely.
  • Smart operating system with multi-touch screen enhances the experience.
  • Wide selection with lifts, conveyors, smart sensors,…
  • Solid steel case, luxurious and modern design.