BAOVIET Bank has successfully launched the new website

On December 2, 2020 General Director of Bao Viet Group, Board of Directors, and Hyperlogy representatives witnessed an official operation of the new website of BAOVIET Bank. The Website Upgrade Project for BAOVIET Bank has been successfully deployed by Hyperlogy.


Eye-catching and branding user interface

The 2020 version of the BAOVIET Bank Website is designed with an eye-catching interface, unique brand colors, outstanding utilities and modern technology, which improves customer experience. To be more specific, this site is especially highly interactive and performs transactions quickly, conveniently and securely, which means that customers could easily look up information.

Thanks to a newly constructed scientifically and clearly structured, typical product and service systems are displayed in prominent positions on the homepage, meeting all information exploitation needs of each customer.

Outstanding utility

Customers could easily look for detailed information about BAOVIET Bank’s products, services, promotions, and transaction network as well as register to receive support, and request an appointment on the website since the Call Center switchboard had been integrated into this website, which shortens transaction time.

The website UI is extremely modern and beautiful; moreover, the platform is integrated with many outstanding utilities such as: interest calculator for deposits and loans, product feature comparison tools, fee schedule lookup, currency conversion and information filters…, which helps customers conveniently manipulate and select information or products care service.

Modern technology

According to the trend of mobile banking, the new website design is responsive, smooth and effective in all mobile devices, computers, and tablets. Additionally, the website is built on the foundation of .NET Core technology, one of the most powerful and popular technology platforms, therefore the site can run on Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems and be compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin and Mono through .NET Standard.

Enhanced integration with the digital banking ecosystem

Launching a new website is one of the important steps of BAOVIET Bank in the strategy of developing modern online platforms. The website is also expected to optimize the value of customer experience through outstanding features and the ability to interact and support customers in the most direct way. BAOVIET Bank hopes that the new website will be welcomed by customers and improve business efficiency in the coming time” shared by representative of BAOVIET Bank.

“Upgrading Website BAOVIET Bank Version 2020” is also the second project that Hyperlogy is trusted and chosen to deploy for this organization. Previously, Hyperlogy successfully implemented the project “Upgrading new interfaces for Internet Banking of BAOVIET Bank“.

Below are the pictures taken at BAOVIET Bank’s Website Welcoming Version 2020!