HYPERLOGY successfully deployed Public Cloud Portal System for MobiFone

The trend of Public Cloud

The Covid-19 epidemic has been controlled by the State and the Government, the economy is in a recovery phase, the digital transformation will help Vietnamese businesses find a more flexible operating model which help to save cost, and optimize resources to overcome this difficulty. One of the key points of digital transformation is cloud computing technology.

According to statistics, the domestic cloud computing market currently reaches about 200 million USD, with an annual growth rate of over 30%. However, Vietnamese enterprises only account for about 20% of the market share, 80% still use clouds located abroad.

In order to quickly grasp this potential market, opening a new business orientation, MobiFone has selected Hyperlogy as the unit deploying Public Cloud Portal solution – the system helps MobiFone bring infrastructure services to customers through providing public cloud computing services.

Hyperlogy deploys the Public Cloud Portal system for MobiFone

In the process of building and implementing the Public Cloud Portal system for MobiFone, Hyperlogy’s team of experts has applied a number of top technologies which are applied widely all over the world such as .Net MVC, Oracle, OpenStack …

Unlike other cloud service providers in Vietnam that are using the provider model, MobiFone Cloud is built under the Self-service model by Hyperlogy, this model is being used by the world’s leading cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google. The advantage of Self Service model is the flexibility in providing private network services, helping MobiFone not only provide virtual machine services, storage, …, but also provide virtual data center with configuration and flexible network services on demand.

In addition, MobiFone’s Portal Cloud service is developed on the blade server clusters dedicated for cloud infrastructure to optimize the access speed and data safety for customers.

Here are some services that Public Cloud Portal system of MobiFone provides to customers:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – Provides infrastructure in the form of leasing servers, hard drives for data storage, network infrastructure …
  • SaaS (SoftWare as a Service) – Integrating with MobiFone’s currently products deployed on Cloud creates a complete solution for individuals and organizations who have high demand for using separate systems, providing safety, security and high performance for the product.
  • Cloud Storage – Comprehensive storage solution for businesses and individuals built on the cloud computing platform with large storage capacity, high safety and security.
  • Data Archive – The long-term data storage solution for businesses and individuals is built on the cloud platform with unlimited storage capacity, high security and low cost.
  • Backup as a Service – Virtual machine data backup service on MobiFone cloud at the request of customers, stored on the cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Cloud Security – A service that provides intrusion detection solution, prevents DDos attacks, and detects security holes on the website.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – A solution that allows to replicate a partial or full server system of the enterprise on the cloud computing infrastructure, ensuring system redundancy when the main system fails or has disaster. The backup system has functions that completely replace the main system when neccessary.

The benefits that Public Cloud Portal system has brought to MobiFone

– Open a new business besides traditional telecommunication services;

– Enhance the reputation and brand name of MobiFone in the IT market;

– Add complete infrastructure to deploy for customers who have demands for using a complete solution including both hardware and software;

– Provide infrastructure for the deployment of IT products self-developed by MobiFone in the future.

Public Cloud is a service that provides virtual servers on a virtualization platform with outstanding advantages:

– Build on MobiFone’s Data Center infrastructure;
– Register and implement very fast, easily, flexibly and actively;
– Pay online easily through online payment tools Napas, VNPay, …;
– Provide Web Portal interface that is friendly and easy to use; Full report, statistics on system status;
– Support for business operations, payment, cross-check;
– Be easy to quickly expand, upgrade.