Community activities

  • Hyperlogy and staffs makes annual contribution to charity organization to help chilren of Phú Châu and Tản Viên commune, Ba Vì district, Hà Nội

    This year, the contributions, which comprised personal donations from the staffs and company amounted to over 30 millions Vietnam Dong. “Hyperlogy is deeply moved by the plight of these unfortunate children. We are honoured to be able to do what we can to help alleviate their needs,” said Hyperlogy chief executive officer Lê Minh Đức.

    Posted on 28/06/2010 by Đào Nhật Minh

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  • Donation to Can Tho bridge collaps victims via Tien Phong newspaper

    Tien Phong newspaper has called for donation to help victims of Can Tho bridge collaps. At least 150 people were being treated for injuries and hospitals were running out of beds, officials said. Doctors and nurses were sent from Ho Chi Minh City, 170 kilometres away, to help. Helping people is one of Hyperlogy’s priority,

    Posted on 28/09/2007 by Đào Nhật Minh

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  • Donate computers to SOS village of Vinh city Nghe An province

    Being a priority social activities, Hyperlogy continues to fund children in SOS village. Giving a hand for a better life to unlucky people in the society is always shared and considered by Hyperlogy staffs. Contributing to remove complex feeling of being unhappy of orphaned children, Hyperlogy continue to donate computers to SOS village of Vinh

    Posted on 04/07/2006 by Đào Nhật Minh

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  • Donate computer to Hai Phong SOS village

    Expecting that unlucky children would have better chance to approach IT, Hyperlogy denotes computers to Hai Phong SOS village. We hope this gilf would help chidren at Hai Phong SOS village improve themselves on the way to a better future ahead. There are many addresses indeed. They need our help. These are some among them:

    Posted on 03/06/2004 by Đào Nhật Minh

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