The vital role of Smart RM in the banking system

The vital role of Smart RM in the banking system
The vital role of Smart RM in the banking system

Smart RM is the best way to speed up and make banking services more efficient because it is a technological product made just for the banking and financial market. Discover Smart RM in the following article.

Smart RM - The optimal solution to improve efficiency in the banking process

The Smart RM system encompasses over 150 functions to meet the daily needs of the RM team, RM managers, management levels within business units, valuation departments, approval departments, credit support departments, and more. Efficient task management and allocation, coupled with the ability to calculate service-level agreements (SLAs), contribute to improved operational efficiency and optimized workforce productivity.

Hyperlogy's Smart Digital Bank

Smart RM integrates with Smart eKYC, employing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biometric Recognition System, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and more. It extracts information from documents and files, conducts online customer identity verification, facilitates direct account opening, and enables swift and accurate financial transactions while ensuring system safety and security. Additionally, with integration with Smart Form, drafting proposals, contracts, and forms becomes fast and accurate.

Therefore, Smart RM, developed by the Hyperlogy team, is a software solution that supports transactions and business development, delivering optimal and superior benefits to customers, transaction agents, and the banking system.

Smart RM – Convenient and flexible solution for customers

When Smart RM is used, customers no longer need to go to the counter to make a purchase. Instead, their transactions will be processed quickly and flexibly on the spot, improving the customer experience.

Smart RM supports flexible customization

Smart RM improves customer relations staff performance by assisting in the efficient management of specific counter-staff tasks.

In addition, the software’s automatic Workflow can be easily customized to support centralized and multidimensional management reporting.

The Smart RM is a part of the Smart Digital Bank ecosystem developed by Hyperlogy Corporation and has been widely applied throughout the system for banks such as Bank Military (MB Bank), An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBank) and Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Bao Viet Bank).

The application of the solution across branches of banks also partly proves the prestige as well as the outstanding benefits that Smart RM brings to banks in the current era of explosive technology development. .