Apply face recognition in the project “Standardize the online public service user database information ” in Thua Thien Hue province

According to the Government’s roadmap, by the end of 2020, localities must integrate at least 30% of online public services (DVCTT). However, since the end of September 2020, Thua Thien Hue has integrated nearly 55% DVCTT at level 4, and become the national leading province in using online providing public services .

The above achievement is a result of the efforts and determination of Thua Thien Hue leaders in implementing the information technology application and consider it as a basis for building e-government, thereby, gradually shifting from “Management government” to “serving and creating government “.

Continuously renovating and upgrading the system, Thua Thien Hue Department of Information and Communication signed a cooperation agreement with Hyperlogy to implement the project “STANDARDIZE THE ONLINE PUBLIC SERVICE USER DATABASE INFORMATION”. With experience and proficiency in deploying similar technology solutions for Financial Institutions – Banks / Large Enterprises, Hyperlogy quickly completed the project in the shortest time.

What are integrated into the online public service portal in Thua Thien Hue?

• Collection of biometric information (face, finger print-biometric) and extracting information of Citizen Identification with OCR technology.

• Helping people quickly register citizenship codes at the Public Administration Center and on the internet.

• Information extraction from ID card and automatically fills in E-form with the personal information at the system of Provincial Public Service Portal.

• Comparing biometrics information with real photos of citizens.

Electronic Citizen Identification (eKYC).

Standardization of online public service user database information is an important step in digital transformation, moving towards building self-service kiosk solutions with eKYC technology, enable citizens to register and receive results of public service.

The benefits from the Hyperlogy’s solution

1- For the State administrative agencies in Thua Thien Hue:

– Database standardization

– Shorten the processing time

– Keep records, avoid loss

– Reduce the workload such as printing, notarization …

– Expanding data integration capabilities, especially in the coming time when electronic chips – based ID will be widely applied – a step in building e-citizens.

2- For citizens:

– Increasing authenticity: To use the online public service portal, citizens can completely login and authenticate their faces or fingerprints on website as well as on mobile applications with Internet connection, extremely convenient and easy to use.

– Supporting citizens to monitor and supervise their transaction progress, thereby improving working efficiency and transparency in processing documents and procedures.

The use of services on the Online Public Service Portal helps citizens and businesses shorten the time to process tasks with just a few steps on computers / smartphones with Internet connection, through an electronic document recieving mechanism instead of regular papers file. This service helps to keep records better, avoid loss, at the same time help citizens, businesses can inherit in the following transactions, offload some tasks such as printing, notarization …

Định danh công dân điện tử trên ứng dụng eKYC được Hyperlogy phát triển

In addition, the Public Service Portal also supports citizens and businesses to track and monitor their transaction progress, thereby improving work efficiency and transparency in the process records, and procedures of state units.

Together with the Public Service Portal, an information system of enterprises and individual business households is shared, authenticated and integrated into the Business e-card in the form of electronic documents, is an important solution to reduce administrative records.

Public Service Portal Website of Thua Thien Hue Province: