Hyperlogy deployed SMART eKYC solution for Phu Hung Securities

Investors’ habits and behaviors shift as a result of the positive influence of technology’s rapid development. To keep up with this unavoidable market trend, businesses, financial institutions, and securities must continuously improve and apply technology.

eKYC — Electronic customer identification solution with high accuracy, digitizing customer experience, increasing conversion rates, and reducing risks for businesses — is one of the technology solutions that many securities companies are currently interested in.

Stay on top of technical trends, recently, Phu Hung Securities Joint Stock Company (PHS) has signed a contract with Hyperlogy Corporation for “Deploying the SMART eKYC solution”.

With Hyperlogy’s SMART eKYC solution, investors can open accounts and authenticate online remotely via smart mobile applications without spending time and effort going to the counter. It’s especially convenient in the context of the current complicated Covid-19 epidemic, helps to eliminate the gap from registration to transaction, contributes to protecting the safety of community.

Process of Hyperlogy’s eKYC deployed for PHS supports electronic customer identification

Some outstanding modern technologies are applied in the SMART eKYC solution

1. OCR

– Automatically extract information: Identity card (old and new version), Citizen identification cards, Passport, Driver’s license;

– Detect invalid papers;

– Detect photos on papers are similar to the original;

– Work with images at higher resolution than 150 DPI;

2. Face matching

– Automatically detect face images on identification documents

– Compare with live images to verify if they are the same person.

3. Liveness Detection

– Automatically determine whether a person is truly standing in front of the screen when performing eKYC verification, helping to prevent face tampering with printed photos, photos video…

– Ensure accuracy throughout the customer identification process.

– Users must perform manipulations with movements including: turn left, turn right and look directly to camera.

– Support both technologies: active and passive liveness detection

What are the values that Hyperlogy’s eKYC solution bring to PHS?

– Reach many new customers, speed up the Digital Onboarding process

– Save operating costs

– Shorten procedure time

– Bring new experiences to customers

– Transparency in customer information authentication

– Solve faking problem

Advantages when deploying Hyperlogy’s eKYC Solution

The SMART eKYC PLATFORM – a platform that allows businesses to electronically identify customers. It is also an advanced technology model for unified access to electronic identity systems that can be used together by many different businesses, maintaining the integrity of interactions and ensuring safe identities. The SMART eKYC solution was built on top of the platform. In the digital race between banks and securities firms, this is also regarded as an effective weapon.

Previously, Hyperlogy also deployed this solution for Rong Viet Securities.

Phu Hung Securities Joint Stock Company (PHS) is a leading and reputable foreign invested securities company in the Vietnamese stock market, specializing in providing professional financial and investment services to all. institutional and individual investors, domestic and foreign investment funds and banks.
Website: https://www.phs.vn

If you are interested in Hyperlogy’s eKYC solution, please contact us!