• Design and implement security and anti-spam system for Viettel

    Hyperlogy designed and deployed security system for to protect the whole e-mail system of Viettel Telecom and their customers successfully. The system was put into operation in October 2009. FortiMail – Secure mail gateway – Security devices for e-mail system from Fortinet provides attack prevention features, anti-spam, anti-virus, policy routing, policy control…. protect end users from malicious attacks. The

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     Mr. Benjamin Teh is delivering his keynote  Overture – Flamenco Dance  Great Attendance  The Band is playing  Farewell and Give-away

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  • Firewall and email systems for Central Post and Telecom was put into operation

    In June 2004, Hyperlogy built firewall system with advanced features such as Virus, Spam, IPS, Web Filtering and upgraded email system for CPT. Firewall solution is based on Fortinet products. Before that, CPT has an email system running on IMail to serve customers. However, the system does not meet demand of the ISP, namely: Not

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