Mobile eKYC Solution

  • Hyperlogy deployed SMART eKYC solution for Phu Hung Securities

    The positive influence from the strong development of technology leads to the change of investor’s behavior and habits. It requires companies, financial institutions and securities to continuously improve and apply technology to keep up with this inevitable market trend. One of the technology solutions which is much interested in by many securities companies at this

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  • Hyperlogy’s eKYC Solution accompanies Rong Viet Securities on Digital transformation

    In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, social dislocation changed the habits of many people, activities gradually shifted from offline to online in all areas, and this also happened in the stock industry. Understanding the needs of investors who want to open and verify accounts online, recently, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (RONG VIET Securities) has

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  • Hyperlogy nang cao giao dien BaoVietBank
    BAOVIET Bank has successfully launched the new website

    On December 2, 2020 General Director of Bao Viet Group, Board of Directors, and Hyperlogy representatives witnessed an official operation of the new website of BAOVIET Bank. The Website Upgrade Project for BAOVIET Bank has been successfully deployed by Hyperlogy. Eye-catching and branding user interface The 2020 version of the BAOVIET Bank Website is designed

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  • Application of Liveness Detection Technology – Active or Passive?

    What is Liveness Detection? Face Biometric is rapidly being adopted by customers and organizations as a convenient way to verify identity. The technology feature works by comparing a user’s facial features to a registered biometric sample for identity verification. Although it can replace traditional security methods such as answering “secret” questions and entering PIN codes,

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    Smart eKYC’s video call – An effective digital onboarding tool for banks

    The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the lives of people all over the world upside down. Everyone is recommended to stay at home, face-to-face activities are minimized, leading consumption habits as well as living habits have many changes, the need to open an account online, etc. has increased dramatically in the past few weeks. This is

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  • AI and Biometrics – Major trends that shape the online banking market

    If the financial industry has taught us anything in the past, it is that we can no longer postpone digital transformation in banks. Today, consumers expect to perform banking transactions from anywhere and anytime. The technological advancements that offer improved interface and inclination of customers for convenience drive the market of online banking. According to

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