Hyperlogy’s eKYC Solution accompanies Rong Viet Securities on Digital transformation

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, social dislocation changed the habits of many people, activities gradually shifted from offline to online in all areas, and this also happened in the stock industry.

Understanding the needs of investors who want to open and verify accounts online, recently, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (RONG VIET Securities) has cooperate with Hyperlogy in implementing the project “Applying EKYC – Electronic customer identification solution in order to improve customer’s experience in opening new securities accounts”.

Investors can save time and money by using a mobile application to open accounts and complete online verification procedures at home or anywhere else instead of going directly to the offices. In order to accomplish this, Hyperlogy has created the eKYC Solution using cutting-edge technologies:

Identification Documents OCR: Authenticate, extract information from identity papersIdentity Document OCR
Authenticate, extract information from identity papers
Identification Documents Face VerificationFace VerificationCompare and authenticate the actual face with the photo on ID papers 
Liveness Detection: Check live authentication to avoid tampering and fraudLiveness Detection
Live Authentication to avoid tampering and fraud

eKYC – The solution that brings the most practical benefits to Rong Viet Securities

– Approaching many new customers, even in places where the company has not yet set up branches and transaction offices, customers are young investors who want and have an early sense of investment;

– Automate customer service process;

– Save time, bring convenience in the process of opening accounts for investors;

– Bring superior experience to customers.

Advantage when choosing Hyperlogy as the deployment unit of eKYC Solution

The solution is based on SMART eKYC PLATFORM with the following characteristics:

– Hyperlogy’s team of experts always monitor, catch up with and master the most modern technologies in the world today such as: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Biometrics (Face, Fingerprint, …), Image Processing (OpenCV – Computer Vision), Electronic Design / Embedded Software Programming (IoT), Big Data / Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse / Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, DevOps (Kubernetes – K8S, Ansible), CI / CD,…;

– Extensive experience in implementing technology solutions for large financial institutions and banks with strict requirements on processes, high rigidity and security such as Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB), An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK), Bao Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB);

– APIs available for integration with stock company applications, for quick integration.

– Support multi-platform such as mobile (iOS / Android), Web, Desktop, Kiosk,….

– Ready to integrate Video Conferencing when needed, helping customers connect directly with staff at the center (Remote Agent).

With the above advantages, Hyperlogy believes that the eKYC solution we bring to Rong Viet Securities will mark an important development on the roadmap to digitize the customer service process at the company, as well as ready to serve. large-scale investors.

With 12 years of establishment and continuous development, VIET DRAGON SECURITIES CORPORATION (Rong Viet Securities) is one of the leading securities companies in Vietnam’s financial market, operating in all business fields of securities trading includes: Securities brokerage; Finance and securities investment consulting; Self-employed; Underwriting; Securities depository, derivative securities and providing services of clearing and payment of derivative securities transactions.
Website: https://www.vdsc.com.vn/

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