Hyperlogy successfully go-live the Project “Putting a new shirt” for Internet Banking of BAOVIET BANK

Becoming the leading digital bank – the goal of many domestic commercial banks

Becoming a leading digital bank is the main goal of almost domestic commercial banks and the digital banking have been considered as their development focus over the years.

94% of banks have initially implemented or have been researching and building digital transformation strategies; of which, 59% of banks have already started implementing digital transformation in practice. (According to a research of State Bank)

Mr. Pham Tien Dung, Director General of the Payment Department (State Bank of Vietnam) also affirmed that digital transformation in the financial and banking sector in Vietnam is inevitable, helping the banking industry overcome the challenges of the digital age, because nowadays Technology is being applied in all aspects of life.

In a recent analysis, The Asian Banker said that, by 2020, banks will continue to pursue and launch new versions of digital banking, this will lead to a change in their operational structure.

Hyperlogy golive successfully “new shirt” for Internet Banking of BAOVIET BANK

With the desire to accompany the banking industry in the digital transformation process, recently, on August 30, 2020, Hyperlogy officially go-live successfully the system of Internet Banking for Bao Viet Bank at the website: https://ebank.baovietbank.vn/ with a modern, friendly interface and many utilities, enhancing customer experience.

With careful investment in the interface, the main colors of green – yellow, ensuring the brand identity elements of BAOVIET Bank, the “new shirt” of Internet Banking promise to bring users the extremely interesting experience in appearance as well as convenient, simple and easy manipulation.

Advantages of the new interface:
  • Standardization of basic trading features.
  • Smart navigation with fast convenient functions: transfer, bill payment, insurance payment, EZ-Saving … help customers easily track, manage accounts and make transactions anytime, everywhere.
  • Additional features of suggesting amount and save transaction templates, save transaction time and increase the value of experience for users.
  • New interface is intuitive, presented scientifically and friendly, customers can easily make transactions simply and quickly in just a few minutes from a computer connected to the Internet. Foreign customers can also easily use BAOVIET Bank’s services due to Vietnamese – English bilingual support of this new version.

On the bank side, the representative of BAOVIET Bank said: “Optimizing benefits, improving customer experience in parallel with information security is the main goals that BAOVIET Bank aims to when implementing the project of changing Internet Banking interface. We have been and will continue to upgrade and develop the network infrastructure, expand the transmission line to meet the requirements of speed and capacity, ensuring the best service quality for customers ”.

The implementation took place during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, but that did not affect the progress of the project, with experience in deploying technology solutions for the banking sector, Hyperlogy did go-live successfully and received positive feedback from BAOVIET Bank’s customers.

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Huong – The owner of a garment manufacturing business in Hanoi, a loyal customer of BAOVIET Bank said: “I am very happy to be one of the first BAOVIET Bank customers invited to experience new version of Internet Banking of the bank. New visual interface and more convenience in manipulation help me significantly save on trading time. What is better than just sitting at home, I can still perform all banking transactions in a moment!”.

In order to successfully build the Internet Banking system, first of all, thanks to the cooperation, support and direct direction from representatives of BAOVIET Bank: Project Director: Mr. Ngo Cong Nghia – CIO, Deputy Project Director: Mr. Ngo Duc Anh – Director of Card Center and Digital Bank as well as the related departments, secondly, the members of the Hyperlogy project team have done their best for the importance and security of the project. In the near future, Hyperlogy hopes to continue accompanying BAOVIET Bank in the digitization process.

Previously, Hyperlogy implemented SMART FORM solution for all branches of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) since May 2017; The next is An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK) in September 2018.

On June 10, 2019, Hyperlogy successfully go-live with the SMART Check-in solution – Online transaction registration service for ABBANK.