Smart eKYC’s video call – An effective digital onboarding tool for banks

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the lives of people all over the world upside down. Everyone is recommended to stay at home, face-to-face activities are minimized, leading consumption habits as well as living habits have many changes, the need to open an account online, etc. has increased dramatically in the past few weeks. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for financial institutions to improve their Digital Onboarding process.

Digital Onboarding Process is a must-have from three months ago, six months ago, a year ago… especially with the current epidemic situation, the experience of Digital Onboarding with customers is even more necessary.

Therefore, right now, financial institutions having capable of serving digitally, creating the best Digital Customer Onboarding experience will easily turn risk into opportunities, and reach to the top. So how can financial institutions promote attracting and retaining customers with Digital Onboarding experience?

In response to the above question, we believe that there are two important requirements to focus on: “Providing customers with a complete online registration experience” and “Support access to register and use the service from any digital technology platform”.

To ensure 100% of the above requirements, with the ability to master technology, helping financial institutions to access and enhance customers’ Digital Onboarding experience, Hyperlogy has brought Online eKYC Solutions, especially with Video Call feature is researched and completed, making Online eKYC process convenient, safe and suitable for customers’ need of online transactions without meeting face-to-face.

Completely and multi-channel Digital Onboarding experience with the SMART eKYC PLATFORM platform


Hyperlogy has a full set of automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition), face recognition comparison, fingerprints, ATM cards, QR Code, helping to open a new online account quickly, accurately and safely.

Moreover, Online eKYC is built on the SMART eKYC platform, which can apply Multi-channel: Not only on mobile app but also support web, desktop app, IoT (Kiosk – Automatic devices like VTM – Video Teller Machine – Auto Bank, STM – Smart Teller Machine – Self Service). Users can use whatever method offers the most convenience. As a result, Financial Institutions can also further expand their market share.

Based on the reliability of authentication and identity, financial institutions will offer different levels of service to customers. Eg:
– Anonymous accounts: allowing to transfer maximum 5 million VND/day via Internet Banking.
– Authentication via OCR and mobile: 10 million dong per day for transferring money via Internet Banking.
– Authentication via OCR, mobile and Video Call: Allow money transfer over the Internet 100 million per day.
– Customers come to the counter: it is allowed to receive cash, has been authenticated to carry out the procedures for home loan, car purchase,… because this level of authenticity is at the highest level.

For financial organizations, telecommunications, insurance, etc., ONLINE eKYC solution will definitely help to attract customers and increase customer satisfaction after the experience.


In response to the epidemic situation, in order to meet the needs of customers for an account opening service at home, we have also developed a Video Call feature on the SMART eKYC platform, improving user authenticity.

After OCR, the system will automatically compare face recognition, connect video calls directly to the Financial Institution’s Call Center, and staff will check the face and identity card again to make sure. safety. This entire process is recorded into video files as legal evidence.

You can follow the Video Call process description below:

With experience and ability to integrate, understand banking, insurance, and telecommunications operations, Hyperlogy is proud to be a leader in providing total solutions for Digital Onboarding.



SMART DIGITAL BANK – Solutions ecosystem for Finance – Banking, developed from SMART eKYC PLATFORM, awarded Sao Khue Award 2020, has been under construction and development to match banks, partners. Along with the new feature Video Call in the ONLINE eKYC solution not only increases the user experience but also helps the bank to reduce costs in the most optimal way.

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