Mobile eKYC – Biometric application to optimize user experience in Online customers identification

According to data shared by Mr. Pham Tien Dung, Director General of Payment Department (State Bank), recently at the Fintech Vietnam Forum (FVF) on November 8, 43 million Vietnamese people over age 15 have a bank account. In the next 10 years, Generation Z (born after 1995) will account for 40% of the population and communicate with service providers almost entirely using mobile devices.

In order to help financial institutions reach this potential customer base, Hyperlogy has built and developed MOBILE eKYC – Biometric authentication technology application on mobile devices, optimizing user experience. Using image verification technology, face recognition and living entity detection, the application will scan documents that authenticate users such as citizenship ID card, driver’s license, passport … compare photos of a card with the user’s selfie to verify that the person making the transaction is the correct account holder. This is a fast, safe and reliable process that makes it easier for customers to conduct financial transactions.

With the support of Biometric, Deep Learning, Liveness Detection 2D / 3D (Identification of Living Entities), MOBILE eKYC allows providers to check and collate personal information instantly with a centralized database on customer’s identity.

Specifically, when users want to register for the service, users only need:
– Take a photo of the ID document (ID card, driver’s license, passport) in front and back. Information will be automatically extracted and pushed into the service registration form by OCR system;
– To authenticate information on ID card, users can choose to selfie or scan fingerprint. The OCR system will compare the face / fingerprint with the face / fingerprint image on the uploaded ID card;
– Sample signature on application screen. All customer identification information will be pushed back to the banking system. Smart Form system transfers customer information to related systems to register services for customers;
– The bank’s system sends a notice of successful registration on the customer’s device.

As a result, organizations / companies will save time, cost and manpower for this work, and help customers have a better user experience.

The MOBILE e-KYC application also opens up opportunities for customers in rural to easily and conveniently open accounts, open cards, open savings books, opening a loan, transferring money… do not need to go to a branch or transaction counter. People can access and use more easily financial and banking services, and increase national financial universalization more quickly.

With the advantage of being a unit that has built up an ecosystem of technology solutions for the fields of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Public Services… (such as SMART DIGITAL BANK, SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT), and with experience in successfully implementing a number of breakthrough technology solutions for Vietnamese banks, Hyperlogy believes that MOBILE eKYC will continue to be a technology product that brings great value to organizations / companies and their customers.