Hyperlogy successfully GO-LIVE the project “Upgrade Website for Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank” bring more benefits to MBBank customer

With the motto “Innovation, Cooperation, Modernization and Sustainable Development” based on the three pillars of “Community Bank, Professional Banking by Industry, Digital Banking“, on last August 11, the project “Upgrading Website for Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank” was successfully GO-LIVE by Hyperlogy. Once again, Hyperlogy has affirmed its brand in the Top IT Solution Providers for Banking and Government – Public Services in Vietnam.

Highlights on MBBANK’s new website

Allow registration of online services on the Website. Previously, in order to use some banking services such as opening an account, registering SMS Banking, Internet Banking…, customers need to go to MB’s transaction offices, now they can access online, input information via Website, customer records are automatically transferred to SMART FORM system – multi-channel one-stop system for retail banks (Digital Banking product), the system also accepts electronic signatures eKYC as an eKYC tool for banks and users. Thus, with the new Website interface, customers can open online services at MBBank anywhere with an internet connection.

Customers can choose services, step-by-step instructions and complete the registration process completely on the Internet.

Compatible with all devices (Responsive Web Design). This enhancement allows:

– Website of MBBANK is displayed well on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile; No more inconveniences and difficulties when reading website content on mobile devices;

– Help Website interact with users better;

– Attract customers to the Website.

Website MBBANK’s interface is responsive on all devices.

Page loading speed, friendly interface.

The new website is a completely new representative image for MBBank, friendly interface, compatibility with all devices will bring a good experience for customers, which the old website has not yet met.

The new website is considered a strategic business step of MBBank. In addition to providing useful information to customers, the new website also has the ability to directly interact to open services when the customer needs.

Success factor of Project

MBBank Website system is developed on the latest frameworks, to meet the high performance and security. The integration with the core banking systems is also emphasized. If the old Website has to go through 10 steps, the new Website only needs 3 basic steps, this upgrade is to reduce the load for administration as well as avoid errors in the implementation process.

Furthermore, the success of Go-live is depend on the hard work of the Project Development Team and the System Integration Team from Hyperlogy in conjunction with the Information Technology Department and the System Administration Department’s of MB Bank.

The close coordination between MBBank and Hyperlogy during the implementation process is also a key to the success of go – live. Before the implementation, the two sides had meetings to agree on the work, giving detailed checklists, and assigning specific tasks to each individual.

MBBank and Hyperlogy’s staff were appointed in Go-live period were excellent and experienced personnel who had deployed many large systems.

No success is easy

IT infrastructure MBBank always puts confidentiality and information security on top, so all systems must comply with standard designs. Hyperlogy has experience with many complex systems, but each system has a different architecture, with MBBank needing to configure applications through multiple layers of secure networks but still have to meet high performance. This process is time consuming and requires a lot of experience from the deployment team.

The role of Smart Form

SMART FORM acts as an intermediary, multi-channel connection, including Internet – Via web site, Transaction at counter – Traditional transaction office with support of SMART eKYC, SMART Self Service – Kiosk Self-service, SMART Auto Bank – Auto transaction kiosk with full functions of traditional banking, Remote consulting specialist, Other value added systems,…

Smart Form là gì
Other transaction systems and channels that the bank can develop in the future such as Smart Auto Bank or Smart Self Service application,… are also connected to the SMART FORM system.

The successful Go-live of the project “Upgrading MBBank Website” is not the end point, besides committing to post-deployment support, Hyperlogy will continue to develop many new channels and tools on Smart Form system to meet the increasing requirements of MBBANK in particular, the banking sector in general and bringing users the latest technology utilities.