Public Cloud HyperPortal – Solution for cloud service providers

Up to now, cloud computing is applied more strongly than ever before, becoming one of the driving forces for the development of information technology, greatly affecting many areas of social life, business activities.

Stemming from the actual needs of organizations/enterprises, and based on available technology, Hyperlogy has researched and developed HYPERPORTAL SOLUTIONS to help service providers bring infrastructure services to customers, through providing public cloud services. In which, service providers provide resources such as virtualized computing, memory, storage over the Internet (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS).

8 object group types involved in the process of operating Portal Cloud


  • Customer management;
  • Provide a customer self-service online interface;
  • Manage virtual machines, key-pair, Volume, snapshot / backup, Public IP, security group…;
  • Track resource usage performance;
  • Extension and upgrade service;
  • Online charging and online payment via payment channels such as Napas, SmartLink,…;
  • Manage customer support services through Online support Website;
  • Manage sales channels;
  • Providing online storage services.”


The technology that Hyperlogy uses in the HyperPortal development are the technologies that are being used very widely and are very famous today such as .NET MVC, Oracle, OpenStack,…

As a result, using HyperPortal, service providers can proactively build an optimal, proactive IT application deployment environment to provide their customers with automated, self-service IT services, and minimizes initial investment risks.

Some images of HyperPortal solution interface

Sharing of Hyperlogy’s expert about HyperPortal solution at OpenInfra Days Vietnam 2019!