Hyperlogy built a cooperative registration system, contributing to system integration, reducing administrative procedures

On May 25, 2019, Hyperlogy successfully go-live the Cooperative Registration System. 

It is necessary to build Cooperative Registration System!

Through practical research and experiences in reforming business registration procedures, building a connection system to exchange business registration information and tax registration is necessary for cooperatives, because it will help basically solve some of the current problems. Specifically:

  • Reduce administrative procedures as well as costs when registering cooperatives
  • Transparency of information about the cooperative sector
  • Creating a premise for the development of collective economy
  • Create an information technology platform for information exchange on the establishment and operation of cooperatives
  • Create a procedural equality between cooperatives and businesses

Under the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, the Ministry of Finance has studied the construction of a national information system on cooperatives, in order to save, effectively and uniformly manage and ensure the connection between cooperative registration and tax registration procedures are integrated on the national business registration portal.

Besides, stemming from the practice of tax administration for business registration, tax registration, the General Department of Taxation has also approved the project: “Building the Regulation on coordination and information exchange on managing cooperatives between the national information system on cooperative registration and the tax registration information system”. 

To implement this project, with the experience in building, implementing and upgrading the National Business Registration System, the Ministry of Planning and Investment – Business Registration Administration has continued to trust and choose Hyperlogy for construction and implementation of the cooperative registration system.

After receiving a request from the Ministry of Planning and Investment – Business Registration Administration, Hyperlogy’s team of experts urgently deployed the project. On May 25, 2019, the cooperative registration system officially go-live, so far it has received a positive signal from the management unit and the people.

Overview of the cooperative registration system

In which, the cases can be registered on the Cooperative System:

  • New establishment of cooperatives and unions of cooperatives;
  • New establishment of affiliated units of cooperatives;
  • Register to change the content of the registration of cooperatives, affiliated units;
  • Notice of changes to the contents of the registration of cooperatives and affiliated units;
  • Business suspension of cooperatives and affiliated units;
  • Dissolution of the cooperative, shutdown of affiliated units.

(Reference source: Vietnam Financial Times)