SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT – Electronic citizen identification solution – Automate public administrative services – Towards full Digital Government


Since the 2000s, the development of information technology (IT) applications in the Government Agencies has always been concerned and appreciated by the Party and Government, and it is considered as the driving force to the transformation, creating the ability to take shortcuts, to be proactive in order to successfully implement industrialization and modernization.

In 2014, the Politburo issued Resolution No. 36-NQ / TW on promoting IT application and development to meet the requirements of sustainable development and international integration, in which specific goals were identified by 2020 “…effectively implement the administrative reform program, closely linked with the building of e-Government and the provision of online public services at a high level and in many fields“.

On that basis, Hyperlogy has researched, built and developed SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT – Electronic citizen identification solution – automation & inter-public administrative services. The system has many preeminent features to help ministries, branches and localities improve service quality, minimize manual processing steps, link multiple systems, and digitize documents. In addition, SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT also provides solutions for e-citizenship identification, automatic service flow, improving people’s experience when doing administrative procedures. Citizens can also perform services themselves through the Citizen Self Service solution.

Smart Citizen – Electronic Citizen Identification Solution

With this solution, instead of identifying citizens by face-to-face, through complicated paper document collation, Government Agencies can electronically perform citizen identification as soon as customers arrive citizen reception room, thanks to the support of advanced technologies such as checking and comparing personal information instantly with centralized databases on citizen’s identity. Specifically:

  • Early identification of citizens through: QR Code, Biometrics (biometric authentication with face, fingerprint), ID card / Citizen card;
  • Information on the ID card will be extracted (text, photos, fingerprints) and automatically filled in electronic forms and matched by the system with the faces and fingerprints of the person who come to execute the procedure;
  • Integrated with SMART QUEUE solution: managing flows citizens (Flows Control) by profession and group of citizens (citizens with / without profile data);
  • Citizens and officers receiving records do not need to enter information manually many times.

Smart Queue – Automated flow of service solution

This solution has solved a number of limitations: there exist many channels for receiving records, interacting on many applications, citizens, organizations / businesses are not streamlined to serve, leading to the slowness and overload of the records needing processed.

Therefore, businesses will be prioritized and quickly processed when preparing Online records, creating habits of online business registration, reducing the load for the receiving department and providing information support for the result returning department.

You can refer to the below model of Automatic Citizen Service.

model of Automatic Citizen Service

Smart Self-service – Self-service Citizen Solution

This solution helps to reduce the overload situation for receiving and processing department, people themself enter information about public administrative services on the self-service counter, a waiting code will be issued when completing profile information. Thereby, the receiving staff will receive electronic records, the information is also automatically linked with specialized systems.

Self service Citizen Solution

Smart Integration – National Business Registration Inter-System / Cooperative Registration Solution

This solution helps connect the local online public service portal to get business registration documents, synchronize the data connected with the National Business Registration System. This will help:

  • Support business profile information
  • Reduced manipulation on multiple systems
  • Automate the receiving process
  • Maximum support and guidance for businesses to prepare online profiles
  • Integrate service flow after the profile has been completed
  • Support updating the status of the profile in the system of the Department of Planning and Investment of the provinces and cities
  • Automate the process of uploading documents to the Basic Business Registration system

Smart eDoc – Document Digitization Solution

One of the great opportunities that Industry 4.0 brings in the field of public administration, is the application of document digitization – process automation to optimize labor productivity, save time, costs, and reduce risk and improve people’s satisfaction.

In order to optimize the process of large record storage, accurately classify documents attached to public administrative records, Hyperlogy Document Digitization Solution applies RPA (Robotic Process Automation), recording and simulation automatically performs tasks on applications to manipulate data, trigger responses,… and communicate with other digital systems.

This solution helps:

  • Digitalization of attachments
  • Actively monitoring documents and records
  • Upload attachments automatically
  • Avoid errors, loss of documents
  • Improve the ability to find information, process data, communicate with systems and perform operations accurately, quickly, effectively and consistently.

Smart Rating – Solution to improve service quality

Smart Rating solution is a system of Measurement – Monitoring – Evaluation of service quality through immediate feedback of people from the equipment equipped at the desk.

Service quality assessment solution

With this solution, the administrations can:

  • Receive feedback on “instant” service from the the citizen
  • Measure and improve service quality
  • Closely supervise staff activities, work execution
  • Make accurate reports to adjust personnel and services
  • Easy management by leadership level, operation model of the province
  • Building a professional and modern image in people’s hearts and minds
  • Creating sympathy and appreciation from people when using the service

Not only that, Smart Rating is also a very effective KPI assessment tool for staff, the citizen’s comments about the staff will be saved in the system and immediately send reports to leaders.

Benefits SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT brings to public authorities and people

Operational optimization

  • Reduce the processing time of the receiving staff
  • Increasing ability to serve citizens

Experience enhancement

  • Reduce the waiting time
  • Provide multi-channel access for citizens

Support Evaluation

  • Support Evaluation
  • Evaluation of service quality
  • Evaluate the service attitude of civil servants
  • Evaluation by many channels: Online, directly at the counter
  • Evaluation for each stage: receiving, processing, completing dossiers

Easy to expand

  • Link with National Business Registration / National Cooperative Registration system
  • The system provides OpenAPIs for easy integration with 3rd parties

Centralized data, high security

With a comprehensive solution, applying the most modern technologies brought by Smart Digital Government, Hyperlogy hopes to contribute to a strong leap in e-Government construction, towards full Digital Government, the digital society and economy.

SMART DIGITAL GOVERNMENT – Solution developed by Vietnamese company for the Vietnamese people!

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