e-Banking - An efficient bank solution for digital transformation

e Banking An effective digital transformation solution in banking
e Banking An effective digital transformation solution in banking

In today’s modern society, along with the strong development of information technology, banking digital transformation is also taking place rapidly. e-Banking application in the bank was aired as an effective digital transformation solution to help banks optimize their operations and improve customer experience.


e Banking application improves working efficiency at the bank

Customers don’t have to go to the bank counter to get general services through e-Banking, also known as electronic banking.

All customer transactions are carried out using Internet-connected devices with e-Banking. This not only reduces transaction time and costs but also enhances the customer experience.

e Banking significantly saves time and costs

e-Banking helps customers make financial transactions quickly with simple operation on user-friendly interface .

In addition, e-Banking also integrates a variety of fast payment methods to save customers’ effort and time when they do not have to make transactions directly at the bank.

Moreover, e-Banking also regularly updates attractive promotions for customers.

e Banking đảm bảo tính bảo mật cao hơn các phương thức truyền thống cho khách hàng

Transactions made through e-Banking will be ensured safety and security through OTP code authentication to help prevent and minimize risks for customers when performing financial transactions.

With high security, e-Banking solutions are often preferred by businesses for transactions such as payment of fees, corporate taxes, salary transfer to employees, financial transactions with partners, customers and perform other financial transactions in enterprises.

Tối đa hóa trải nghiệm khách hàng với e Banking

Customers can pay for securities and insurance investments using e-Banking, which offers a variety of services. Customers are able to integrate multiple services into the same system as a result of this, ensuring that the process of checking and executing transactions is carried out in an optimal and consistent manner.

In addition, customers who use e-Banking can quickly receive answers to their questions from the bank by sending complete feedback about banking services through the online platform.

Eye catching interface of BAOVIET Bank developed by Hyperlogy team

Hyperlogy has assisted numerous banks on their journey toward digital transformation with its Smart Digital Bank solution.

With a modern, user-friendly interface that includes a variety of services to enhance the customer experience when utilizing the bank’s services, Hyperlogy successfully upgraded the Internet Banking system for Baoviet Bank (BAOVIET Bank) For more information, visit https://ebank.baovietbank.vn/.