Hyperlogy Kick-off the project of deploying on-premise performance management software system iHCM for Becamex IDC Corp

On December 28, 2020, representatives of Hyperlogy Corporation and Becamex IDC Corp had a kick-off day to start project of implementing the performance management software system iHCM at Becamex’s headquarter in Binh Duong.

In the digital transformation process, according to the requirement of innovating corporate governance methods, applying technology to improve the efficiency of the whole enterprise, after a period of research, Becamex IDC Corp has trusted in & choosed iHCM – the performance management software system that is developed by Hyperlogy Corporation.

Specifically, in addition to general functions such as Human Resource Center, Drive, Request and Approval, … Hyperlogy will focus on the management modules according to the MBO, BSC-KPI objectives. These functions will help the Board of Directors and employees of Becamex to manage goals, manage work, communicate and collaborate with the team, evaluate capacity, office administration … and many other functions are designed to be multi-functional, multi-platform, which facilitates user use on web as well as mobile application, helps employees collaborate in real time. Thereby, with the saving of management time and costs, leaders and managers will make faster and more accurate decisions thanks to the multi-dimensional and scientific reporting system, contributing to improving operational efficiency, and increasing the competitiveness of the organization is an important step in digitizing the entire corporate governance process.

The prerequisite factor that helps Hyperlogy gain the trust of Becamex IDC Corp is its ability to master the world’s most advanced and modern technologies, using its passion to create and develop tech-ecosystem which is easy to integrate and deploy into the business operation of Vietnamese organizations and enterprises. Moreover, the fact that iHCM is developed and operated on cloud computing platform according to the ISO 27001 information security standard, certified by QUACERT also contributes to ensuring the confidentiality, security and safety of information for customers.

The project to deploy iHCM at Becamex IDC Corp will include two main phase:

– Deploy the iHCM software system and adjust its features in accordance with Becamex IDC
– Expanding deployment for member companies

Participating in the project, there ar heads of relevant departments of the two parties, on Becamex’s side, Represntatives are Project Manager, Business Support Group, Technical Support Group, Testing and Acceptance Team; Representatives from Hyperlogy side: Project Manager, Business Analysis Group, Project Development Team, Quality Assurance and Testing Group iHCM.

Understanding the importance of the project, the two sides are very active and concentrated to ensure completion on schedule. On behalf of the Hyperlogy’s Board of Directors, we wish the two sides a successful and lasting cooperation!

iHCM has also been deployed to large organizations and enterprises such as: Southern branch of Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (SKYPEC), Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNH South), SAIGON FOOD, RANG DONG LIGHT SOURCE & VACUUM FLASK JOINT STOCK COMPANY,…

Becamex IDC Corp was established in 1976 and after more than 40 years of establishment and development, Becamex IDC has become the leading prestigious brand in the field of investment and construction of industrial parks, residential and urban developments, and transport infrastructure.
In the process of formation and development, according to operation requirements, the corporation has invested and established member companies and affiliated companies. Currently the corporation has 17 member companies and associated companies operating professionally in the fields of logistics, insurance, construction, trade, real estate, services, telecommunications – information technology, concrete production, construction materials, mining, healthcare and education.
Website: https://becamex.com.vn/