Upgrade VISA – Internet subscriber provisioning system of the most dominant ISP in Viet Nam

Following the success of the first phase, Hyperlogy has completed the second phase to upgrade VISA, provisioning system for all services of VDC, a member of VNPT, the largest Internet service provider in Viet Nam, accounted for nearly 2/3 of the market share. Services managed by VISA include ADSL Internet Access, FTTH; Mail, MailPlus;  value-added services such as VinaClean, Roaming,….

Upgrade VISA – Internet subscriber provisioning system of the most dominant ISP in Viet Nam

The upgrade to meet the needs of service providers to manage more than 10 million customers with user-friendly interface, which adds new functions. System used by all Telecommunications Companies of VNPT in 65 provinces/ cities across the country, 3 centers of VDC as well as partners of the VDC, through a variety of channels such as web, import file, and web services (SOAP, REST). This system is indispensable for the Telecommunications Service Provider.

The system is developed using Java technology, running on Linux with Oracle databases, designed to run in parallel on 9 servers, clustered at all tiers, including web, application, database, this ensures the system works stable, continuously with thousands of users simultaneously.

The upgraded process includes processing and converting large amounts of data, more than 500 million records, processing and conversion to ensure data integrity, transparent with existing legacy systems related to VISA.

VISA is developed and upgraded with the ability to integrate with other systems through open standards (SOAP, REST), about 60% of transactions is done via API calls (Web Service) in real time. With its open architecture, VISA allows other systems connected to, irrespective of the programming language, this architecture has been applied in all the applications developed by Hyperlogy and become part of the core framework since 2005.

During the deployment process, Hyperlogy also trains VDC’s staffs in operating and managing the system.