Hyperlogy applies Microservices & Kubernetes to improve the quality of products & services

Microservices – to simplify complexity

Microservices are currently interested in the technology world with many articles, blogs, discussions, media, and seminars.

Many corporations like Amazon, eBay, Netflix have solved the problem of monolithic applications with their Microservices architecture. The foundation of the Microservices architecture is a system, which is a combination of many small and independent services that can be run separately, distributedly developed on multiple servers.

Microservices – The overall architecture

Benefits when applying Microservices architecture:

  • Simple, easy to understand
  • Develop independent services by groups that only focus on that service, not affecting other services
  • Ability to reuse, shared by many systems
  • Combined with other technologies, the Microservices architecture helps to expand each service separately, so resources are used more efficiently.

Hyperlogy promotes Microservices combined with Kubernetes

Because of the advantages that Microservices brings, Hyperlogy’s experts has put this architecture into products such as internal operating systems, Cloud products (Enterprise Performance Management System iHCM), software service for Banking, Telecommunication, Public services,…

Specifically, to combine with Microservices we have chosen Kubernetes, an open-source platform that automates the management, auto-scale, and application deployment in docker containers. It eliminates a lot of the manual processes involved in the deployment and expansion of containerized applications.

Hyperlogy’s systems

During the implementation, we noticed some advantages of Kubernetes:

  • Support running Container
  • Provide algorithm support Auto Scaling – Automatically monitor, calculate and increase / decrease resources as needed. The increase / decrease of resources is performed for the service with the load, which helps the application use the resources more efficiently.
  • Minimize the time to upgrade the version with rolling upgrade mechanism (~ 0)

When applying Microservices as well as Kubernetes to the development, testing,… until the process of upgrading the product, there will be a number of beneficiaries:

  1. Business Department
  • Strong customization
  • Reliable use
  • The request is fast & stable response
  1. Product Development Team
  • Offloading because the service is reused by many applications
  • Well control
  • Focus on profession
  1. Customers enjoy services with better quality
  • The system runs fast and smooth; in large load cases, the system will automatically be allocated more resources to load services
  • If a problem occurs, the system will be automatically restored, thus minimizing the problem
  • Reduced downtime even when upgrading and recovering

As a technology company, we always strive to bring the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Biometrics, Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Data Analytics,…. into practical application, to bring products with higher value for customers.

In order to maintain this strength, Hyperlogy has been transforming the entire software architecture towards Microservices, together with the automatic operation technology from Kubernetes into the application in the company’s products, including cloud computing services softwares and softwares for banking, telecommunications, public services,…

Hyperlogy’s experts are sharing about Microservices & Kubernetes at OpenInfra Days Vietnam 2019!