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The Internet and mobile have become an important trading channel in Vietnam, because the ratio of young population is high, the coverage of 3G/4G is large and its prices are cheaper compared to the income level. Moreover, in 2016, 54.19% of Vietnamese people was using the Internet, higher than the world average, and then Vietnamese government and telecom companies aimed to increase the index to 80-90%, equal to current developed countries. Applying SMART FORM to the bank helps the processes of opening payment accounts, cards, SMS Banking, Internet Banking be done online at any time by telephone and internet. SMART FORM also shortens the time of counter transactions, thereby increasing the level of customers’ satisfaction.

Some transaction channels of Smart Form

Saving costs and resources

SMART FORM helps banks save up to 80% of time of counter transactions by improving and automating the process.

  • Customers do not have to fill in registration forms: all information will be entered directly into the SMART FORM, the registration form is printed for customers to sign.
  • Counters do not have to fill in multiple forms on multiple applications. They insert data once on SMART FORM, then the system automatically pushes the information onto the relevant components such as the core system, the card system, Internet banking and SMS banking via ESB. And this saves time.

The service can also be booked online, so your bank will:

  • Reduce costs of paper and printing.
  • Improve employees’ productivity and reduce labor costs.

Have a centralized database

SMART FORM helps data of customers and services be entered accurately and centrally. Through this, customer information and services information are managed, used and updated effectively. The reports of customers and services are quickly assembled, giving the bank sufficient information to make decisions on time.

Improving productivity

The sales consultant comes to serve directly at the customer’s premises and simultaneously, he performs online transactions with the tablet operating system on the Internet. Thanks to this method, the sales are carried out quickly and conveniently.

Enhancing the abilities of integration & expansion

To compete in the technology era, banks always need to develop new applications (such as Integration with Timo payment cards, Meed.NET, e-wallet, insurance services and social networking). This practical need requires the bank to rapidly change its internal technology services, besides ensuring the safety and security of the entire system. SMART FORM in this case is an intermediary system that enables new services (for internal banking as well as external service providers) to be connected to the core systems safely, conveniently and rapidly.

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