Video Conferencing solution for Bac Kan people’s committee

Hyperlogy built Video Conferencing solution for Bac Kan people’s committee to allow the headquarter to connect to up to 12 sites in the same video call and help leaders collaboration on projects and give decision. The system was put in operation in February 2009.

Bac Kan is a mountain province in Vietnam, with headquarters in Bac Kan town and 7 districts situated across the mountain areas. Collaboration on projects often takes place among team members across locations, who share ideas and review intricate documents.

When members of remote offices needed to work together on projects, they had to make costly trips which could take up to a week, and valuable time was lost in transit. Telephone was often used as an alternative to travel, but leader believed it lacked the positive benefits of being able to see the participants at the remote sites.

Bac Kan people’s committee recognized they need for an efficient means of holding face-to-face meetings that would provide an alternative to travel.

They began researching video conferencing systems that would provide the human connection that he feels can only be achieved when people can see each other.

Bac Kan people’s committee wondered a high definition video conferencing solution, since the higher resolution delivers an image that is so clear and crisp that it captures the fine detail in people’s facial expressions and body language. The image is so realistic that it creates an impression that meeting participants are in the same room.

Hyperlogy arranged for the installation of numerous Sony Video conferencing endpoints with RadVision MCU systems in the headquarter and other locations. It allows the system to connect to up to 12 sites in the same video call. Hyperlogy also provided RadVision infrastructure products such as a gatekeeper and border controller to allow Bac Kan people’s committee to manage their own firewall traversal and maintain a secure environment.

Hyperlogy provided installation and training on the RadVision solution, it is very efficient, especially in the case of emergency, Bac Kan people’s committee need to know and control situation.