[According to VDCA] Find out the Hyperlogy’s Electronic Citizen Identification solution – Smart Citizen

On the sidelines of the E-Government National Conference organized by Vietnam Digital Communications Association cooperated IDG and the Department of Information and Communications of Thua Thien Hue Province, VietTimes reporter had an interview with Mr. Chu Xuan Vinh – Hyperlogy’s Chairman to find out the e-government support solution.

<em>Mr Chu Xuan Vinh introduced Smart Citizen solution<em>

It is known that Hyperlogy introduced a solution called Smart Citizen, can you tell us more about the applicability of this solution to the e-Government system?

The Government issued the first resolution focusing on e-Government since 2015 to “Promote e-Government development, improve the quality and efficiency of State agencies, serve the citizens and business better and better. Enhancing Vietnam’s position in e-Government according to the United Nations ranking. Publicize and transparently operations of State agencies in the network environment ”. In addition, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also issued drastic instructions to ministries, branches and localities to step up administrative reform, reform administrative procedures and enhance the application of information technology to improve the quality of handling administrative procedures serving citizens and enterprises.

Smart Citizen – Identifying e-citizens – was built and developed by Hyperlogy with the desire to improve the citizen’s experience and quality of public services, reduce the time of processing records, increasing the performance of civil servants, transparency of administrative procedures, specially, can be linked to the public service system.

Smart Citizen application, instead of identifying citizens by face-to-face, through comparing paper documents, state agencies can identify citizen electronically as soon as customers arrive the citizen reception room thanks to the support of advanced technologies such as checking and comparing personal information instantly with centralized database on citizen’s identity. Specifically:

– Early identify citizens through QR Code, ID card, face and fingerprint authentication

– Integration with SMART QUEUE solution: segment citizens by profession and by group

– Information on ID card will be extracted (letters, photos, fingerprints) and automatically filled in electronic forms.

Is storing any data about your citizens also causing concerns about privacy issues? Will Hyperlogy’s solution meet the security requirements?

<em>Mr Chu Xuan Vinh Chairman of Hyperlogy Corporation<br><em>

With 16 years of construction and development in the IT field, Hyperlogy is fully experienced in building and operating systems integration and security solutions.

Hyperlogy’s solutions and services in the fields of Public Administration, Finance, Insurance, are always appreciated in architecture, as well as security the whole system through many surveys and experts’ evaluation.

In addition, Hyperlogy has deployed an Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to the international standards ISO / IEC 27001, managing comprehensively from design, development, implementation and system operation.

Therefore, not only Smart Citizen, all solutions and services researched, built and developed by Hyperlogy always ensure the security.

Does this solution violate citizens’ privacy?

Smart Citizen solution does not violate citizens’ privacy. The information citizens provide is required by each public services. The system does not require citizens to provide any other information.

Does this solution have system of management & access decentralization?

Smart Citizen solution has a mechanism of strict management decentralization. Functions are the features of the system. Permission is the right to use system features. Functions group enables to bring system features that are not on the user interface to the user interface and create the right to use those features.

The functional decentralization model in the system is as follows:

– Each permission has one or more functions

– Enable to grant permissions to units and users

– Enable the unit to grant permissions to users within the scope of its rights.

Hopefully, Hyperlogy’s solution will get attention of government and be applied in practice. Thank you for your sharing!

According to http://vdca.org.vn/tin-tuc/t406/tim-hieu-giai-phap-dinh-danh-cong-dan-dien-tu–smart-citizen-cua-hyperlogy.html