Hyperlogy joined Lean Mindset course

Be aware of the important role of Lean for the orientation of Software Development in particular and for all company in general, Board of Manager appointed 3 engineers joined the course Line Mindset organized by FPT University on March 7, 2013.

Two of famous teachers of the course come from America is Mary and Tom Poppendieck who have had much experience in working and holding a lot of important managed positions for American IT Groups. Moreover, this couple are also consultants and writers with valued IT books.

Lean is an agile working method with the demand giving the agile idea on developing our software and other departments in our company with the mission “Hyperlogy wish to become a prosperous company, continuous improvement, innovative technology with global vision and actions but compact structure, flexible and dynamic as a small one, contributing to develop our country and bring prosperity to all living members”.


The last results of Lean Mindset are to optimize the Whole, eliminate Waste, reduce Developing Time, build Quality in.