Hyperlogy and other IT enterprises visited and worked with Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar

In activities in CommuniCast 2016 Exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar from 6th to 8th December 2016, led by Ministry of Information and Communications and Vietnam Internet Association, Vietnamese enterprises with participation of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Hanel One member Co., Ltd, Hyperlogy Corporation, Data Communication of Vietnam JSC (DCV), The Vietnamese Security Network JSC (VSEC), GAPIT Communications JSC and P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd had a visit to Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar.

Hyperlogy cùng đoàn doanh nghiệp Việt Nam thăm và làm việc với Đại sứ quán Việt Nam tại Myanmar

Vietnamese enterprises had a visit to Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar

Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar seems to open quite late; especially, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Industry has not been invested and developed reasonably. This can be considered as favorable conditions for Vietnam enterprises to boost promotion activities and search for new development opportunities in Myanmar.

To investigate the market and find out opportunities for IT industry in this 54-million-of-population market, the delegation went to visit and work with Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar.

Vietnamese Ambassador Luan Thuy Duong and Commercial Counselor Vo Thi Ngoc Diep welcomed the delegation intimately. To start the meeting is the report on the Fair program from Vietnam Internet Association and self-introduction from Vietnamese enterprises. After that, the Ambassador shared important information related to socioeconomic situations and development of ICT industry in Myanmar.

According to the Ambassador, despite an expectation of boosting trading promotion, Myanmar Government and residents still value the stability and concern about sustainable development. In particular, business and trade customs of Myanmar are controlled profoundly by religious culture (89.3% of Buddhist, 5.6% of Catholic, 3.8% of Muslims, 0.5% of Hindus and other religions such as Judaism, Polytheism,… making up about 0.8%), therefore Myanmar people are very careful at work.

Many questions from Vietnam enterprises were raised regarding preferential policies in investment as well as issues related to legal procedures of implementing ICT projects in this country. All of those questions were explained clearly by the Ambassador and the Commercial Counselor. They also said that they would create favorable conditions for Vietnam enterprises based on these companies’ thorough preparations.

As the representative of Hyperlogy, Chairman Chu Xuan Vinh thanked for the wholehearted support of the Embassy and believed that with this support, Vietnam enterprises in general and Hyperlogy, in particular, would early find out the investment opportunities and achieve success in Myanmar.